New Moon in Aquarius

It´s a powerful new moon and we can totally resonate with these energies. As a young startup we are exactly in that phase of creating a community, break through old pattern and renew, transform, start anew! All this to elevate the consciousness and doing good. 

So here we go – we felt like sharing this very powerful New Moon in Aquarius Energy of the day with you:

New Moon in Aquarius Feb 1st 2022 12:45 AM EST

New Moons are always for New Beginnings – activate your manifestation power now.

Themes: helping humanity – elevated consciousness – renewed mindset – creative genius – freedom 

This New Moon is about creating a healing community  - as a society we have to rebuild, repar, heal. It´s the Aquarius reminds us that we are free electrons and we are all connected. What effects one of us, effects all of us. Therefore we can powerfully visualize with this new moon a better future – to transform. Aquarius energy is creative and playful – at the same time very radical and rebellious. An Aquarius is a renewer of all old outdated pattern through living and speaking the truth radically. It´s also the time of outsiders, who often are brilliant minds. It´s their/ our time to shine now – no limitations anymore. But freedom.

That´s the Aquarius vibe!

Our BlauCalifornia Ritual:

What are toxic situations, relationships or patterns in your life, you are outgrown?

That are outdated? Think of these – visualize it...and then burn some sage and smudge yourself. Visualize how you let go of anything that is not good for you anymore and send white light into these situations and relations. See and feel the transformation – feel the fresh New moon energy in Aquarius – how everything is burned down and now creating anew – in freedom. In light, in love, in community.

  1. Reflect
  2. Visualize
  3. Smudge with white sage
  4. Send white light into situations, relationships, pattern
  5. See and feel the transformative new, fresh Aquarius energy

Ready? We are!

Sneak Peek

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Yours, BlauCalifornia-Family <3

Source: Artwork by HHeinnige

Written by Fee Steinvorth