Blau California is about a love for people, animals, plants, minerals, and everything that makes these things go round - a united planet.


Blau California is a lifestyle brand born in Germany and based in Los Angeles, founded by Fee Steinvorth. We are inspired by the vision of a united planet — a family of people, animals, plants, and minerals. Blau reflects our love and enchantment with the natural world, as well as our commitment to creating with a deep compassion for people and our planet.

As a child growing up in Hamburg, Germany, Fee was introduced to dying by her grandmother. She remembers the colors, the smells, the feel of the garments — every little detail from those moments shared with family. Fee’s mother, a doctor, introduced her to the magic of plant medicine, herbs, and the varied uses of botanically-derived oils. Years later, after settling in Los Angeles with her family, Fee craved a practice with the power to cultivate a new space of love, security, and connection. She returned to dying garments and found they stirred within her feelings of unity, love, and hope — emotions she continues to imbue into every Blau collection. Today, through an evolving array of offerings — spanning clothing and apothecary — Blau California reflects Fee’s vision of building a lifestyle brand that honors people, animals, plants, minerals, and the synergy of all things. Fee’s hope is that all Blau creations give people a feeling of love and home wherever they may be.